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2017 models with diaphragm clutch - Please note these take 700cc of transmission oil (rather than the normal 450cc)

SC and SR Torque Settings

Part # Description NM Part # Description NM
M295 Crank Nuts 100 M291 Barrel Studs 22
M290 Cylinder Head Studs 10 M271 Cylinder Head Nuts 10
M272 Barrel Nuts 22 M293 Clutch Nut / Thread Lock 60
Front Engine Bolt 40 M266
Rear Engine Bolt 22
M304 Shock - Top Bolt 40 C173 Shock - Bottom Bolt 50
C154 Swing Arm Nut 50 C172 D-Link Bolt 40
C175 Dog Bone Nut 25 C205 Front Spindle Nut 50
C326 Rear Spindle Nut 60

Scorpa SC & SR Parts Books

Scorpa SC and SR Maintenance Manuals

Scorpa SY/TY 125/175 Four Stroke Setup

First start by fitting 17.5 pilot jet, 102.5 main jet. Set float height to 18mm (turn carb upside down, bottom off, gasket off, measure from base of carb to top of float). Also blow out the 2 small jets in back of carb to make sure that 145 is at the top and the 80 at the bottom as you can get them mixed up and causes it to run sick, the mixture screw should be set at 3 turns out, but this can vary.

Make sure there is ample play on the choke cable when turning handle bars lock to lock to ensure the choke is not coming on.

Removing exhaust baffles; only remove the 2 middle restrictor bars, DO NOT TAKE THEM ALL OUT!

Flywheel modification; standard is 2.1 kg, skim to 1.6/1.7 kg, this will improve performance at the bottom end.

If your bike is a long ride version, you need to contact us for the air filter modification, but all the above applies to the long ride also.