2021 Scorpa Trial Factory


2021 Scorpa SC Factory

Scorpa SC Factory 2021 Specific Cycle Parts

  • New 2021 Factory graphics kit featuring a stronger bonding system
  • Optimization and simplification of the wiring harness
  • Plug and Play lighting system
  • New swinging arm (different core)
  • Revised gearing with a 42 tooth rear sprocket
  • Striking graphite colour frame
  • Black wheel rims with white hubs
  • Updated rear suspension links (dog bones)
  • New Reiger rear shock settings, resulting in smoother action
  • S3 Hard Rock Aluminium foot pegs
  • Tech Alu Forks with black bottom outer tube
  • Orange anodised cylinder head with interchangeable dome
  • Brake discs by Galfer

SC Factory Engine Evolutions

  • Exhaust system redesigned to improve power at low RPM and give smoother delivery as soon as the throttle is opened.  The reaction time of the motorcycle is improved.
  • Evolution of the engine cylinder exhaust port
  • Revised cylinder head insert with increased volume for optimised engine response