The 2016 SR 250 and 300 are the main showcase models of the Scorpa Twenty range. The 250 is no doubt the favourite of the trial enthusiasts because of its excellent performance and the exceptional engine that allows the rider to face any situation. The 300 is the queen. Its powerful engine allows its rider to face all challenges. The 300 is preferred by the professional riders of the marque and is the one that is used in the World Trials Championships and during the most important races. The powerful Scorpa engine is the base of all the factory models, it demonstrates the ability to perform at the highest level in the most demanding competitions.

Improvements for 2016

  • Marzocchi aluminium fork
  • New frame design
  • Opening of the air filter inlet modified to improve air flow to the filter
  • New handlebar shape
  • New thermostat control sensor
  • Reprogrammed CDI
  • New support for the reed petals
  • Redesigned silencer mount
  • New kickstarter mount
  • New radiator support bracket
  • New thermal insulation for the interior of the filter box
  • New 2016 fluorescent graphics