Ossa Trials TRi 2015

2015 TRi and Explorer Models

2015 was the year of the 75th anniversary of OSSA. Founded in 1940, the clover brand had always been distinguished by its refined products, being technologically advanced and having a personal look.

The TRi of the Anniversary combined and reinforced those values by creating a unique motorcycle. The fifth generation of the TRi was a mature, polished and evolved product in every detail, but also remained the lightest and most technologically advanced trials bike at the time.

The 2015 TRi created trends in displacements of 125cc, 250cc, 280cc and 300cc. Its dry weight of 64.5 kilos, its reliable and progressive fuel injected engine, exclusive equipment such as the Öhlins shock absorber, its compact and optimized for maximum lightness rear axle frame, and exclusive style, made the TRi into a unique option for riders of all ages and levels.

Ossa TRi 2015

On the other hand, the OSSA Explorer was probably the reference bike in the segment of the trial-tip. "Creating the bike that it was easier to reach the most difficult places" was the goal that the OSSA engineers and designers followed to conceive this model.

To achieve this, they didn’t simply add a "kit" to the base of the TRi but designed an entire sub-frame, refined ergonomics including a large comfortable seat and specific footrests, and a large fuel tank that, in combination with its efficient fuel-injected engine, provide an excellent range.

The Explorer is an extremely light bike with a progressive but powerful engine that uniquely combines effectively with ease, comfort with sportiness.

The 2015 models got new Ollé front forks carefully adjusted for the use of the Explorer, along with all the engine and frame optimizations of its trials sister, the TRi.

2015 Ossa TRi 300

9V Easy Start Wiring Diagram

Oils, Fuel Mixture and Lubrication

Fork Air Space Diagram

Extending the Oil Breather Pipe