Here at Birkett Motosport, we are the sole UK importers for Scorpa trials motorcycles, Rainers trials boots and Ritratto Sport trials clothing. We specialise in everything trials. Welcome to our new website which we're working to improve all the time. We've upgraded our service to include an online shop, which is now very much open for business!

As well as our online shop, we run a next day mail order service. We have far more items in stock than we could ever hope to list on our website so, if you can't see what you looking for, contact us. We have literally hundreds of spare parts for Scorpa, Ossa, Gas Gas, Beta and Yamaha trials bikes and will do our utmost to help you.

Before the sad closure of the factory, we were also the sole UK importer for the innovative Ossa TRi fuel injected trials bikes. We have a very large stock and range of Ossa TRi spares available so please give us a call with any spare part needs you might have.

Photos and details of the 2018 Scorpa SC!

Scorpa Trials

Scorpa 2017 Factory Trial

2017 Scorpa Trial Factory

Scorpa Motorcycles

Sole UK importer for the whole range of Scorpa trials and trail bikes.

Visit our Scorpa page for latest availability, pricing and technical information.

Scorpa 2017 Trial SC

Ritratto Sport

From Milan, the fashion centre of Europe and exclusive to Birkett Moto Sport, we stock the full range of Ritratto Sport trials clothing.

Yamaha Spares

Yamaha TY, TYR and TYZ

We have lots of genuine and pattern spares available and offer a full range of TYR specialised workshop services such as porting and barrel/piston conversions


Exclusive to Birkett MotoSport in the UK. Browse the range of Rainers trials boots section of our online shop.

Workshop Services

We are offer a wide range of workshop services:

  • Barrel reboring
  • Transfer port re-profiling
  • Yahama TYR conversions
  • Engine / gearbox re-builds

Get in touch and we'd be happy to discuss your needs.

Bikes for Sale

Scorpa SC300 Trial, 2017 - £4,6995

  • Demonstrator bike with really smooth power delivery
  • Great saving against the new price of £5,799
  • Renthal Fatbars and brand new rear tyre

Sherco 290, 2004 - £1,495

  • New chain
  • Good rear tyre, new front tyre
  • Very tidy

Scorpa SC125 Trial, 2017 - £4,495

  • Demonstrator bike
  • Great saving against new price of £5,299
  • Lightened clutch action